St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Beeville, Texas

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8:30am – Holy Eucharist Rite I (Traditional Language w/o Music)

10:30am – Holy Eucharist Rite II (Contemporary Language w/Music)

Sunday Spiritual Formation Classes

9:30am – Adult Class led by Kinkler Handly, Lectionary based.

10:30am – Children’s Class (Currently on Break)

First Wednesday of the Month: Holy Eucharist & Healing Service

5:30pm – Holy Eucharist Rite II & Healing (Contemporary Language w/o Music)




The Liturgy


“They devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of the bread and the prayers.”  (Acts 2:42)

At St. Philip’s we seek to honor, praise, and glorify God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through worship, offering up our words in the Holy Scriptures and Prayers, our voices in traditional/modern hymns, and our bodies in the service of God and our neighbor.

Our worship is formed by the Book of Common Prayer, is founded in the faith and traditions of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church, and is designed to offer a formal space for an intimate relationship with God.

Our worship consists of the reading of Holy Scriptures, the Prayers, and the celebration and participation in Holy Eucharist (The Lord’s Supper), and we articulate our faith in the Triune God (Father, Son, & Holy Spirit) through the words of the Nicene & Apostles Creeds.

Our worship music is led by our Organist & Choir Master, John L. Blackburn, and our Organist Emeritus, Louise Mayberry.  Using our Casavant Pipe Organ, and occasionally accompanied by our Choir, we worship the Lord through musical selections primarily from The Hymnal 1982 according to the use of The Episcopal Church, as well as selections from Lift Every Voice and Sing, and other traditional and contemporary resources. The St. Philip’s Bell Choir also provides beautiful opportunities to worship the Lord through their special performances of classical and modern hymns.


  • St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

  • 311 East Corpus Christi Street • Beeville, Texas, 78102
  • (Corner of Corpus Christ Street and North Adams Street)
  • Ph: 361-358-2730 • Fx: 361-358-8232 •