St. Philip's Episcopal Church, Beeville, Texas

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Share the Love. Spread the Gospel. Grow the Kingdom

We recently celebrated 120 years and the renovation of our church. See photos here.


Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Welcome to St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, a family dedicated to “Sharing the Love” of God, “Spreading the Gospel” of Jesus Christ, and “Growing the Kingdom” of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. On the shoulders of the saints that founded St. Philip’s in 1893, we stand as church rooted in our Episcopal/Anglican Heritage, and centered on Christ’s love for God and our neighbor.  Therefore we strive to offer a worship experience that allows you to encounter God through our deeply rooted liturgy, beautiful music, and loving family.

1) Our Mission:

St. Philip’s is a family dedicated to: Gathering to glorify God and sharing the love of Christ with all people.

2) Our Vision:

St. Philip’s is a family dedicated to: Spreading the Gospel of Christ and growing the Kingdom of God through faith, prayer and ministering to our church family and the community.

3) Our Core Values:

St. Philip’s is a family dedicated to:

Faith: Faith in Jesus Christ

Love: Loving God with all our hearts, all our souls and all our minds, and loving our neighbor as ourselves

Worship: Faithfully glorifying God through worship that is rooted in apostolic tradition and relevant to our culture.

Teaching: Relevant Biblical teaching that transforms lives

Leadership: Growing and mentoring the future leaders of the Church

Outreach: Reflecting Christ’s love by serving others

Talents (Gifts): Utilizing the talents of our Church family and the community beyond to serve God and our neighbor.

Growth: Growing the Church and the Kingdom of God



  • St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

  • 311 East Corpus Christi Street • Beeville, Texas, 78102
  • (Corner of Corpus Christ Street and North Adams Street)
  • Ph: 361-358-2730 • Fx: 361-358-8232 •